Our Artworks
Heath Heath
Heath Heath Merry Xmas/U.S. Gypsum Co.
Allen M. Weary
Allen M. Weary New York Stock Exchange
Joshua Henshaw Hayward
Joshua Henshaw Hayward Alabaster Caverns, Bridge
Katherine Steppich
Katherine Steppich Christmas
Anonymous Artist
Anonymous Two Monks in Monastery
Honore Daumier
Honore Daumier Locataires Et Propietaires
Harry L. Taskey
Harry L. Taskey Barge Canal
Philip Cheney
Philip Cheney Valley Landscape-Damaged
Louis Thompson
Louis Thompson Chacucha Spanish Dancer
James Chapin
James Chapin Girl with Doll
Reynolds Beal
Reynolds Beal Freighter
Margaret Whittemore
Margaret Whittemore Council Oak
Honore Daumier
Honore Daumier Les Bas-Bleus
George Elmer Browne
George Elmer Browne The Bailers
Donald Shaw MacLaughlin
Donald Shaw MacLaughlin Ponte Ticino
Mario Sinisca
Mario Sinisca Sailing Ships
Douglas W. Gorsline
Douglas W. Gorsline Brooklyn Landscape
Frederic Taubes
Frederic Taubes Nude
Marion Greenwood
Marion Greenwood Day Dream
Alfred Wands
Alfred Wands Deer
Alfred Wands
Alfred Wands Winter Day
Charles Banks Wilson
Charles Banks Wilson Indian Cloth Dancers
Joseph Margolis
Joseph Margolis Rabbi
Umberto Romano
Umberto Romano Gypsy Guitar
Alfred Wands
Alfred Wands Moose
John Carroll
John Carroll Ribbons
Henry Clarence Pitz
Henry Clarence Pitz Swamp Land
John Sandlin
John Sandlin Journey Wounded Knee #2
Adolf Arthur Dehn
Adolf Arthur Dehn Pacific Venezualen Island
Charles Rogers
Charles Rogers Indian Warrior
Charles Rogers
Mid Winter
Luigi Lucioni
Luigi Lucioni Through the Birches
Gordon Grant
Gordon Grant Man with cart on dock
Marion Greenwood
Marion Greenwood Wanderlust
Ina Annette
Ina Annette Natural Bridge
Adolf Arthur Dehn
Adolf Arthur Dehn Pelicans – 1946
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