Our Artworks
Anonymous Artist
Anonymous Tree Study – 2 sided
Anonymous Artist
Anonymous Horse
Georgia White
Georgia White Augusta
Georgia White
Georgia White Two Crocks
Georgia White
Georgia White Vine Leaves
Georgia White
Georgia White Dogwood Leaves with Berries
Steve Murillo
Steve Murillo Flowers & Triangle
Georgia White
Georgia White Pine Trees
Georgia White
Georgia White Bent Tree
Anonymous Artist
Anonymous Landscape with Large Trees
Georgia White
Georgia White Red Headed Woodpecker
Georgia White
Georgia White Three Butterflies
Margaret Saums
Margaret Saums EDS Law, Oval Graphics
Jean Shelito
Jean Shelito Nude Lady
Anonymous Artist
Anonymous Manitou
Anonymous Artist
Anonymous Baboon
Frances Horsman
Frances Horsman Lady Sitting in Chair
E. Gordon Smith
E. Gordon Smith Man Sitting on Harbour Dock
L. Larsson
L. Larsson Roustabout
Paulina Everitt
Paulina Everitt Lake Michigan
W.M. Metzdorf
W.M. Metzdorf Portrait of Lady with Flowers
Josephine Harrison
Josephine Harrison Profile of Girl
Watson Watson
Watson Watson Portrait of Lady
William J Dickerson
William J Dickerson Seated Nude
Randall Davey
Randall Davey Drawing for Oil Painting
Henry C. Hanning
Henry C. Hanning Man Raking
Lady with male Admirer
Harry Gottlieb
Harry Gottlieb Miners on Lift
Aaron Bohrod
Aaron Bohrod Nude Lady Right Leg Bent
Lawton Parker
Lawton Parker Reclining Nude
Moses Soyer
Moses Soyer Study of two Nudes
Ernest Lawson
Ernest Lawson Landscape With House
Reynolds Beal
Reynolds Beal Circus Scene Gorman Bros.
Birger Sandzen
Birger Sandzen Rock Drawing
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