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Herschel C Logan Woodblocks and Artwork For Sale
Fine Artwork For Sale From The Acclaimed Mid-American Artist
Herschel C Logan
Herschel C Logan:
1901 – 1987
Herschel Logan was one of those remarkable artists who produces art, in this case primarily woodcuts, for a number of years and then just shuts down. No more woodcuts. As Barbara Thompson O’Neill and George C. Foreman point out (1984:40-43) Logan’s production of woodcuts existed from 1921 through 1938 and although the artist lived until 1987 he never again created woodcuts. However, during his productive years he produced approximately 140 woodcuts, many in editions of 50 or less. On December 28, 1930 the heavily influential artists group the Prairie Print Makers was formed. Logan was one of the charter members of the organization. Aligned with Logan the other charter members were Charles M. Capps, Leo Courtney, Lloyd C. Foltz, Arthur W. Hall, Norma Bassett Hall, C. A Hotvedt, Edmund Kopietz, Birger Sandzen, C. A. Seward, and Carl Smilley. In many ways the Prairie Print Makers was designed like the original Taos Society of Artists with members being active, associate, or honorary.
Herschel C. Logan
Sod House in Winter
Herschel C. Logan
Herschel C. Logan
Herschel C. Logan
Old Corn Crib
Herschel C. Logan
Sand boat
Herschel C. Logan
Summer Night
Herschel C. Logan
Lone Elm
Herschel C. Logan
The Doorway
Herschel C. Logan
Herschel C. Logan
Thatched Cottage