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John Noble Oil Paintings and Artwork For Sale
Fine Artwork For Sale From The Acclaimed Mid-American Artist
John Noble
John Noble:
Wichita, Ks:
1913 – 1983
John (‘Wichita Bill’) Noble was born in 1874 to an upper-middle-class family that had emigrated from England. He was a noted post-impressionist painter of cowboys, sunrises and seascapes. He wore a five-gallon hat, called himself the “first white child born in Wichita.” He often advised prospective customers not to buy his paintings. He often slashed them up and sometimes even bought back pictures he had sold, just to mutilate them. Noble worked in the late 1890s as a photographer and artist in Wichita, Kansas. While there, he painted a saloon nude (Cleopatra at the Roman Bath) that came to be notoriously condemned and defaced by Carrie Nation, and a larger-than-life-sized portrait of Albert Pike which still hangs in the reception room of the Wichita Consistory.
John Noble
John Noble
Portrait of Woman